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Food and Beverage Case Studies

Beverage Line Extensions
La Tradición- Liqueur de Horchata

Create a brand for a new horchata (rice & cinnamon) flavored liqueur as a flagship product with other flavors/beverage line extensions to be added. This would be a line of aguas frescas liqueurs.

This would be the first Horchata Liqueur on the market, thus creating an immediate curiosity with the audience.

The primary focus was on US Hispanic consumers, since they are most familiar with traditional (non-alcoholic) horchata and other aguas frescas flavors. However, the audience is not limited to Hispanic consumers but also targets non-Hispanics who are looking for an “authentic Mexican” liqueur as well as a unique drink.

The overall presence of the package should capture an authenticity of Mexican/Latin American products. Horchata is traditionally served in large ribbed frascos (large glass jars) in markets, plazas, etc.

The tagline, "El Sabor de lo Auténtico" is in Spanish but easily understood by the non-Spanish speaking audience. A story for the back of the bottle was developed to create a romanticized nostalgia of "back home" to Hispanics but the story (translated in English) also had a romantically idealized resonance to non-Hispanics as well.

This product has been well received and since being launched in late 2007, it has recieved 3 medals from beverage tasting organizations/panels. At the retail level, sales have been steadily climbing with distribution not only in the western US but in states such as Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kansas, Ohio and NY.

3 new flavors were introduced in early 2009. The new flavors are Tamarindo (tamarind), Jamaica (hibiscus), and Piña y Coco (pineapple & coconut). Each flavor/design is "color coded" to embrace and reflect the flavors of the traditional aguas frescas.
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