Pfizer – VidaSana Healthy Life

Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy

We created a Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy for Vidasana, a program designed to improve the screening, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in Hispanic patients. A focused goal was to reduce the CVD healthcare gap between Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites.

Many Hispanics who speak little English may face language barriers when seeking health care. Most MDs are not of Hispanic origin.

Develop a kit with materials which would:

1. Provide cultural and emotionally relevant educational materials that catalyze both NPAs and Hispanic patients to raise questions and open dialogue during the doctor visit.

2. Introduce the Vidasana program.

3. Target and intrigue NPAs to serve as advocates for Vidasana and as role models for their Hispanic patients.

4. Create a ground swell of interest that will move patients towards wellness checks rather than just sick visits.

Due to the success of the kit and direct mail, which promoted it; an immediate demand was created for a follow up kit with additional materials. The NPAs and Pfizer field representatives requested this second kit contain:

Additional bilingual patient tools for their hispanic patient marketing program

Dietary guide and tracker

Order forms for additional materials

Incorporation of previous Pfizer materials such as Spanish language brochures on a variety of disease states