TriVita Essential Oils

Product Design Packaging

We created new product design packaging for Trivita’s new line of pure essential oils to relax, rejuvenate & refresh your senses.

Like any good design, packaging tells a story. It’s also a sensual experience, literally engaging us through sight, touch and smell. All of these details help us understand what the enclosed product is for, how it should be used, who should use it and, maybe most importantly, if we should buy a product or not.

When a shopper looks at your product design packaging they’re probably only going to remember one thing. What do you want that to be? Pick the one absolute most important thing you want customers to know about your product. That should be the centerpiece of your innovative consumer packaging .

We created a more organic version of the Trivita leaf as the centerpiece of the design. We also used brown clear bottles to show the purity of the oils. We also created a brochure, email campaign, Facebook cover image, re-marketing ads and a box for the oils to be shipped in.



Trivita, The Wellness Company